We are involved in business mainly to promote sales of newly-built apartment house. What are we doing really? Our main products include interior and exterior of showrooms and designing and construction of outdoor ads. You might think that's all we can do, but we handle all sorts of other products. This is because whatever that is necessary in showrooms can become our products. We sometimes purchase PCs and set them up or select pieces of furniture and supply them when necessary. Not only whatever foreseeable falls into our business, but also we have expanded our business area from real estate to finance or spa designing and so on.
In this kind of environment, we are aiming to increase knowledge base about different issues, and expanding our business leveraging off of nurtured know-how.
Then, what else can we do? Having explored many options, we have come to believe that we can assist foreign enterprises who invest directly in Japan . For companies who expand their businesses in Japan , not only legal formalities but also representative office set-up becomes key. Issues such as office location, interior design, furniture and fixtures must be resolved. One solution maybe to be introduced many companies and order necessities to each individual supplying companies; however, this requires much effort and time, which becomes hazardous to mainstream work. Also, when offices are set up, then items required in sales activities must be ready. What needs to be prepared vary from name cards, corporate brochures, product explanation materials, to exhibit participation. If one is introduced to many companies, then he must waste much time and effort again. What if all of the above can be prepared by one company? He would have to deal with one representative, who would then prepare pretty much everything he needs. We believe there is nothing more convenient than this. Who can enable this is us. Companies we outsource to already own factories etc, thus services we provide can be relatively cheap.
One representative at cheap cost – in our view, we can provide most convenient service to foreign companies who directly invest in Japan.